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Places per tournament

A maximum of 100 players will play per tournament in the February, March, October and November tournaments, and 130 players for the April to October tournaments.

For each tournament the Miguel Ángel Jiménez Tour reserves the right to limit the number of participants for each category, so that the total number of participants is equitable with each category. The distribution will be organizated as follows:

In the case of vacancies within the same category, these will be compensated with the rest of the same category of the opposite sex. If there are still vacancies in the same category, they will be assigned to the category with the highest demand for places according to the committee’s criterio.


According to the figures of our Circuit in 2015, we an amount of ‘benjamines’ in 25% of the inscriptions, ‘alevines’ and ‘infantiles’ in 45% of the inscriptions and ‘cadetes’ and ‘boys’ in 30% of the inscriptions.

Therefore for the Miguel Ángel Jiménez Circuit we will have:

100 player tournaments

25 seats for Benjamin.

45 places for alevines and infantiles.

30 Places for cadetes and boys.

130 player tournaments

33 seats for Benjamin.

58 places for alevines and infantiles.

39 Places for cadetes and boys.

At the close of the registration period and if one of the three quotas is not covered, the vacancies will be filled by players of the opposite sex and of the same category. If vacancies persist, they will be selected equitably from the other two categories.

Each player will only qualify for vacant places in their corresponding quota.

Arriving at the end of the registration period and seeing that the places are not completed according to the initial distribution, the organization may use the places to place them in other categories as it deems appropriate.


For this year 2016, the Miguel Ángel Jiménez Circuit will play 17 regular events.


The players of 1st and 2nd Category male and female will play under the “Medal Play Handicap” mode.

Datos Torneo

Fecha celebración: 15/02/2020
Modalidad: Medal Play Handicap


Dear customers and friends:

Due to the current situation, Lauro Golf and all its facilities will remain closed until further notice.

All confirmed reservations on these dates will be automatically canceled, giving facilities and offers to customers who wish to move their reservations to other dates.

For any questions, we continue with minimum telematic services and you can contact us at or on the phone +34 675 387 578 both by WhatsApp and by phone from 8:00 to 16:00.

In the most difficult moments is when we bring out the best in ourselves. Let’s do it again complying with all the recommendations and thanking the great Health professionals for the great work they are doing.

We regret any inconveniences caused and appreciate your collaboration, responsibility and understanding.

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