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Jugador golpeando la bola en el hoyo 15 de Lauro Golf Resort (Málaga)

Player hitting the ball on hole 15 of Lauro Golf Resort (Málaga)

Lauro Golf Resort will host the 2020 Benjamín, Alevín and Infantil Championship of Andalusia on the eleventh and twelfth of July


On the eleventh and twelfth of July the 2020 Benjamin, Alevín and Infantil Andalusia Championship arrives at Lauro Golf Resort. The event will bring together the best Andalusian players in their fight to proclaim themselves autonomous champions. This tournament will bring together the promises of Andalusian golf after the break caused by COVID-19, in an event that is expected to be key in the development of this season.

For more information you can consult the corresponding information on the page of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation

Registration and information Andalusia Benjamin 2020 Championship

Registration and information Andalucía Alevín 2020 Championship

Registration and information for the Andalusian Infantil Championship 2020

Once again, Lauro Golf Resort continues with its determined support for the development of young golf in our community with the celebration of this championship that will continue with the organization of the Andalusia U-18 Championship from August 7 to 9 and with the Andalusia of 2nd, 3rd and 4th Category on the twenty-ninth and thirtieth of August.

Datos Torneo

Fecha celebración: 11/07/2020
Modalidad: Stroke Play Individual